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But if she doesn't......................Watch out!!!

Bush Aide Draws Fire with Pre-Election Speech

Yet THEY are the one who established the precedent allowing Clinton to criticize a sitting president (which formerly had been out of bounds).

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Syria now admits it has Saddam's money says GEOSTRATEGY-DIRECT INTELLIGENCE BRIEF. So then, where are they hiding the WMD?

Christian campus group must accept non-believers
Suing state university over 'politically correct' nondiscrimination policy
The Bible says that in the last days, "they will call good evil and evil good."

A Washington Times article this week summed up the concerns:

"A coalition of liberal groups committed to defeating President Bush has spent more than $100 million orchestrating the largest voter-registration drive in U.S. history, raising concerns of widespread voter fraud in 14 battleground states.

"At the same time, Democratic Party officials are gearing up to challenge unfavorable Election Day results in a number of states through 'pre-emptive strikes,' charging that Republicans prevented minorities from voting even before any such incidents are confirmed."

Get it? Republicans don't want black people to vote. It's a tired old horse, but the Democrats are committed to riding it to death.

Thankfully, at least some of the scams are being addressed.

In Colorado, a judge has upheld a rule that voters must show identification before voting. This is a completely logical ruling, but it is one opposed by the left. In addition, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled that people casting provisional ballots in the wrong places are not entitled to have their votes counted. Again, the left has charged that this rule – and here's that imposing word again – disenfranchises voters.

But Colorado could still be the site of major problems. You see, the Democratic National Committee's Colorado Election Day Manual has instructed state voters to initiate a "pre-emptive strike" by charging that voters faced intimidation tactics, even if proof of such tactics are non-existent.

This is the very picture of desperation politics.

Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi said this week: " Long ago, the DNC decided it was in its best interests to revive the urban myth of 2000's disenfranchisement in Florida. This despite an exhaustive investigation by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, led by a Democrat, that uncovered no evidence of voter intimidation, or voter harassment, or intentional or systematic disenfranchisement of black voters."

These are dangerous fun and games from the Democrats. They are so consumed with a Kerry victory (or possibly more so by a Bush loss) that they are willing to do anything to win, or even to simply prolong the election to taint a second Bush term.

In Ohio, a man was arrested this week after allegedly filling out 124 voter registration forms in exchange for a payment of crack cocaine.

When you consider the hatred for President Bush by the left, it's really not that hard to believe that trading cocaine for votes might actually happen.

Here's more: America's 1st Freedom magazine reported that new federal regulations will allow felons, fugitives, even foreign nationals to vote, with their votes subject only to post-election review by local authorities. And who will hold these local authorities accountable? Have you heard about John Kerry's 30,000-member horde of lawyers who will be monitoring polling in the battleground states?

The presence of the Kerry lawyer brigade should make us all rest easier, huh?

The publication noted: "So if you thought waiting for the outcome of the 2000 elections was like Chinese water torture, wait until John Kerry, John Edwards and their contingency-fee trial-attorney backers sink their teeth into the prospect of grabbing 3 to 6 million provisional votes."

So what's it all boil down to?

Well, it's obvious that there is treachery afoot. We must all be on the alert for potential voter fraud and report anything out of order we witness at the polls or elsewhere.

More importantly, it behooves Christians to be in heartfelt prayer for our nation. Clearly, many people have placed their own interests above our national interests in this election.

But the Bible teaches us that God honors those nations that honor Him, so we must be about the Father's business.

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Kerry went hunting today.

Kerry returned after a two-hour hunting trip wearing a camouflage jacket and carrying a 12-gauge shotgun, but someone else carried the bird he said he shot.

"I'm too lazy," Kerry joked. "I'm still giddy over the Red Sox. It was hard to focus." Idiot.

In honor of all the geese Kerry and his men slaughtered today, I will be showing the film, Fly Away Home, starring Jeff Daniels.

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TVC Condemns TN Democrat For Distributing Flyer Belittling Special Olympics Kids

For Immediate Release
October 14, 2004

Washington, DC, -- “Tennessee State Representative Craig Fitzhugh should be ashamed of himself for allowing his campaign office to distribute a flyer belittling Special Olympics children,” said Traditional Values Coalition Chairman Louis P. Sheldon, today. “This disgusting flyer is an insensitive attack against children with disabilities.”

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Feds OK'd biblical Grand Canyon book?Special-interest group claims resource approved, Park Service denies it. Never-the-less, these sniveling idiots who can't stand up to competition ought to grow some huevos!

Mystery Surrounds Kerry's Navy Discharge

Kerry Campaign Knows They're Down, Busy Shoring Up Jewish, Black Support

Vet: Kerry Pressured Me to Lie About Atrocities

Arafat Backs Kerry; Israelis Favor Bush

Vietnamese Americans mostly ignore 'war hero' Kerry, support Bush

FCC Chair to Seek Net Telephone Oversight

"I was responsible for the operation at Tora Bora, and I can tell you that the senator's understanding of events doesn't square with reality," retired Army Gen. Tommy Franks wrote in a commentary published by The New York Times.

John Edwards LOVES his hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Exclusive: Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties The actual documents are linked half way down the page.

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Kerry and Edwards Diss Ex-Gays

Kerry Discriminates Against Ex-Gays; He Denies Their ExistenceTo National Desk, Political ReporterContact: Regina Griggs, PFOX Executive Director, 703-360-2225, 703-405-9448 (cell)News Advisory, October 14 /Christian Wire Service/ -- An open letter to Dick and Lynn Cheney from Regina Griggs:I am saddened by the outrageous behavior of Senators Kerry and Edwards, who inexplicably and insensitively injected your daughter Mary's sexuality into the presidential debates. I am the parent of a homosexual child and the Executive Director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), a national organization that offers support and education to families and friends of homosexuals, and advocates for the rights of ex-gays.Mary is, I'm sure, a fine young woman with many wonderful qualities, and that is how she should be recognized. To label anyone solely by their sexuality is demeaning and inappropriate. As parents, we can and do love our children unconditionally no matter who they are attracted to. Loving unconditionally allows us the freedom to maintain our values and viewpoints while keeping a bridge open to our children.Senator Kerry deliberately misled the American public as well as people who have unwanted same-sex attractions when he stated that people are born gay. He should know better. On May 13, 2004, PFOX and ex-gay men and women met with the staffs of Senators Kerry and Edwards. (see photo at ) The ex-gays are living proof that change is possible, and they also provided the staffs with educational information on former homosexuality, including a statement from the American Psychiatric Association that there are no "replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological etiology for homosexuality." Ex-gays explained that although no one chooses same sex attractions, many men and women overcome unwanted same sex attractions every year.Ex-gays also presented the Senators' offices with a Congressional resolution on tolerance for former homosexuals. The resolution calls for Congress to condemn intolerance against ex-gays and to affirm its commitment to a society that respects all people, including former homosexuals. Now who could be opposed to that? Yet both Senators have refused to state whether they support the resolution.Homosexual activists like those working on the Kerry-Edwards team want "gay marriage" and civil unions in order to gain public affirmation. They think this will make them happy. Happiness requires hope, and real hope is the knowledge that many men and women overcome unwanted same-sex attractions every year, even those who believed at one time that they were born that way and had no choice. Mr. and Mrs. Cheney, let me conclude by saying that I hope you'll sit down with PFOX someday and find kindred souls and new hope that you might not have known existed.

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"You can't be pro-doctor, pro-patient, pro-hospital, and pro-trial lawyer at the same time," Bush said.

Boxer Ducks Debate With Jones

ABC & France
A Thin Veil No More
by Thomas G. Del Beccaro

Kerry Taking Campaign Contributions From Pro-Iranian GroupBy Jeff GannonTalon NewsOctober 15, 2004

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When did Journalism Morph into Op-Ed's?

ABC News Audio Link between Bin Laden and Iraq WMD - Kerry Wrong

Stolen Honor

The Looming Issue Neither Candidate Will Speak About

This is an issue that Bush and Kerry don't want to talk about because it touches a politically explosive subject: immigration
The census bureau's annual figures on family incomes and poverty were bound to become familiar factoids in the Bush-Kerry combat. The numbers seem to confirm what many people feel: the middle class is squeezed; poverty's worsening. In 2003 the median household income dropped for the fourth consecutive year, to $43,318; the official poverty rate rose for the third year, to 12.5 percent of the population; and the number of people without health insurance increased for the third year to 45 million, or 16 percent of the population. But the debate you're hearing is not the real deal. What ought to be the debate is shunned by both candidates because it touches a politically explosive subject: immigration.
The Census statistics are both better and worse than advertised. They're better because the middle class isn't vanishing. Many middle-class families achieved large income gains in the 1990s and-despite the recession and halting recovery-have kept those gains. They're worse because the increase in poverty in recent decades stems mainly from immigration. Until our leaders acknowledge the connection between immigration and poverty, we'll be hamstrung in dealing with either.
Let's examine the Census numbers. They certainly don't indicate that, over any reasonable period, middle-class living standards have stagnated. Mostly, the middle class is getting richer. Consider: in 2003, 44 percent of U.S. households had before-tax incomes exceeding $50,000; about 15 percent had incomes of more than $100,000 (they're also included in the 44 percent). In 1990 the comparable figures were 40 percent and 10 percent. In 1980 they were 35 percent and 6 percent. All comparisons are adjusted for inflation.
True, the median household income has dropped since 1999 and is up only slightly since 1990. That's usually taken as an indicator of what's happened to a typical family. It isn't. The median income is the midpoint of incomes; half of households are above, half below. The median household was once imagined as a family of Mom, Dad and two kids. But "typical" no longer exists. There are more singles, childless couples and retirees. Smaller households tend to have lower incomes. They drag down the overall median. So do more poor immigrant households.
A slightly better approach is to examine the incomes of households of similar sizes: all with, say, two people. In 2003 those households had a median income of $46,964, off about $900 from the peak year (1999) but up almost 10 percent from 1990. For four-person households, the median income in 2003 was $64,374, off about $2,200 from its peak but still up about 14 percent from 1990. Though unemployment and less overtime have temporarily dented incomes, the basic trend is up.
Now look at poverty. For 2003, the Census Bureau estimated that 35.9 million Americans had incomes below the poverty line; that was about $12,000 for a two-person household and $19,000 for a four-person household. Since 2000, poverty has risen among most racial and ethnic groups. Again, that's the recession and its after-math. But over longer periods, Hispanics account for most of the increase in poverty. Compared with 1990, there were actually 700,000 fewer non-Hispanic whites in poverty last year. Among blacks, the drop since 1990 is between 700,000 and 1 million, and the poverty rate-though still appallingly high-has declined from 32 percent to 24 percent. (The poverty rate measures the percentage of a group that is in poverty.) Meanwhile, the number of poor Hispanics is up by 3 million since 1990. The health-insurance story is similar. Last year 13 million Hispanics lacked insurance. They're 60 percent of the rise since 1990.
To state the obvious: not all Hispanics are immigrants, and not all immigrants are Hispanic. Still, there's no mystery here. If more poor and unskilled people enter the country-and have children-there will be more poverty. (The Census figures cover both legal and illegal immigrants; estimates of illegals range upward from 7 million.) About 33 percent of all immigrants (not just Hispanics) lack a high-school education. The rate among native-born Americans is about 13 percent. Now, this poverty may or may not be temporary. Some immigrants succeed quickly; others do not. But if the poverty persists-and is compounded by more immigration-then it will create mounting political and social problems. One possibility: a growing competition for government benefits between the poor and baby-boom retirees.
You haven't heard much in this campaign about these problems-and you won't. To raise them is to seem racist; that's a heavy burden for politicians or journalists. Politicians also risk alienating Hispanic voters. Worse, there's the hard question: what to do? President George W. Bush and various Democrats have offered immigration plans that propose different ways of legalizing today's illegal immigrants. That's fine as long as the future inflow of illegal and poorer immigrants can be controlled. That would require stiffer measures than either party has endorsed. These are tough problems; our leaders give them the silent treatment. This is understandable, but it won't make them go away.

Kerry Dissed All Italians in '97 Very Presidential-like

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Eight Reasons America Is Safer Under Bush

Blogs For Bush Rocks!

Voter Fraud Alert In FLA

Iraqi Born Nashville Resident Tries To Go Jihad


Although Pres. Bush was great at last nights debate a memo was found to be circulated at "ABC" before the debate. It said that they will hold Pres. Bush More accountable for what HE says ! Liberal Bias Once Again !!! Also , the last question of the night asked Pres.Bush to name 3 Mistakes He Made during his Presidency! It didn't ask Each Candidate to list 3 Mistakes that they Each Made !! This was saved to the end of the night to Provide Kerry a Chance to Knock Pres.Bush . The Moderator (Gibson) knew the questions andObviously Approved it . But in a 'CNN" Poll ( another Very Liberal Station) pres. Bush went from having a 7% point lead on theIssue of Terrorism to a 17 Point Lead ! He also hada lead of 50 - 46 on the Issue of Handling Iraq , butAfter the Debate his lead increased to 53 -46 . Nowthis was results from an Ultra Liberal Station . I'mcurious to see what a "FOX NEWS" Poll result willshow. Keep active - Continue Networking - Call Talk RadioShows - Write Newspaper Editors - Register NewRepublican/Conservative Voters- Don't Let Up !God Bless America - Our Troops - and pres. Bush !
It's not JUST Blather:
NBC Host Used Selective Analysis to Help Edwards Refute Cheney
CBS Again Under Fire for Questionable Reporting

Iraq Report Suggests Hussein Bribed Allies A report submitted by chief weapons inspector Charles Duelfer has added another dramatic twist to the debate over Iraq. The 1,300-page report of the CIA-led Iraqi Survey Group confirmed much of what was already known about Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction programs, but provided a few startling revelations as well.

NBC, USA Today Accused Of Sending Subliminal Anti-Bush Messages

GOP-led House Rejects Democrats' Military Draft Bill sponsored by Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY)

How John, How?

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Noonan: Why Democrats Become Republicans

Billboard With Ex-Gay Message is Vandalized
Contact: Regina Griggs at 703-360-2225; Executive Director of
Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays;
RICHMOND, Va. Sept 29, 2004 -- At a time when homosexual activists
are seeking rights such as "gay marriage," hate crime laws, adopting
children and promoting homosexuality in schools, they are also
attacking the freedoms of the ex-gay community. A billboard on
Highway I-64 near Richmond, Virginia states: "Ex-Gays Prove That
Change Is Possible. Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays Seeking
Tolerance For All."
The billboard purchased by the group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays
and Gays, PFOX, has now been defaced with red paint.
"We put up this billboard so that people will know the truth – that
you don't have to be homosexual if you don't want to be. We're hoping
this ad will bring about public awareness, respect and tolerance.
"The vandalism of our billboard is another example of the intolerance
ex-gays often face. We pray for those who tried to suppress our
message, and we are as determined as ever to support the right of
self-determination for those who seek help for unwanted same sex
"We see from this attack, and numerous hateful emails we have
received from gay activists, that our message is clear, but
unsettling," -- Regina Griggs, Executive Director, PFOX
Photo of the vandalized billboard is available online at
Click on photo for a high-resolution version
Previous press release on this billboard is available online at

Debate Transcript
October 8, 2004

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Kerry's Presidential Promises Panning Out by Alex

Dramatis Personae: John Kerry, Jacques Chirac, Scene: Oval Office,
> at the big desk. -------------- (The President picks up a telephone
> and calls Jacques Chirac, President of France)
> Kerry: Hey! Jacques! Say "Bonjour" to the new King of the World!!
> Chirac: Congratulations mon ami. You really kicked derierre!
> Kerry: Yeah, well, don't forget, I was born to be the President.
> I've known it since my days as a war hero, in the jungles of Viet
> Nam. It was a hot day on the swift boat, I had just finished saving
> the lives of 40...
> Chirac: Ahhh...oui. Well, Jean, what can I do for you?
> Kerry: Well, now it's time for me to show 'em how it's done. I'm
> going to use my charm and rapport skills to build a "true"
> coalition, consisting of all the people already in the coalition,
> ahh, the one's who didn't leave after I said they were bribed and
> coerced, and France and Germany. Once we add you two to our
> coalition, changing the number from 30 to 32, that will mean that
> America is no longer doing things unilaterally.
> Chirac: Your math skills are miraculous, my friend.
> Kerry: Thanks, Jacques. Your approval means a heck of a lot to me.
> More than you know. Well, listen, here's the deal. Right now 90% of
> the cost of the war is paid for by Americans and 90% of the
> casualties are American. So my idea is that you French join us, and
> supply, say, 30-35% of the cost, and, oh, I don't know, 40% of the
> casualties? That sound fair, Jacques, old pal?
> Chirac: Yes, I heard you say that during your first debate,
> complaining that the percentage of Americans to die is too high,
> implying that your allies weren't dying fast enough, right before
> you promised to build a true coalition. Your ability to see the big
> picture is also miraculous, Jean.
> Kerry: It's only logical. How else can the percent of American
> casualties go down? I told the American people that if they elected
> me, we wouldn't be the only ones dying. So we need more of our
> coalition partners to die, so their casualty percentage goes up.
> Then ours goes down. It's simple.
> Chirac: Yes, Jean, I agree. Your plan is oh-so-simple.
> Kerry: It's not my fault we're in the wrong war in the wrong place
> at the wrong time that was a colossal blunder to do in the first
> place. A war that's increasing the number of terrorists by the hour,
> that will make anyone fighting for our side a target for terrorists
> and unpopular with the whole world. So, how about it? What'll it
> take for the French to join us in our cause? Let's parlay.
> Chirac: Let me see if I understand you, Jean. You are asking the me,
> the President of *France*, to send *French* soldiers to fight in the
> wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time, one that is a
> colossal mistake, so that Americans won't be the only ones dying and
> paying. If we do this, we'll make lots of enemies, and probably have
> French civilians die in terror attacks, having made France a prime
> target. And for this honor, we'll pay 30% of 200 Billion dollar, or
> approximately $60 Billion USD?
> Kerry: Exactly. That's what I campaigned on, that's what I promised
> the American people, and that's what I'll deliver!
> (click)
> Kerry: Jacques? You there? Jacques?? Jacques? Hmmm. That didn't go
> quite as I thought it would. Usually my judgement in these matters
> in impeccable, unlike Bush, who thought that the French wouldn't
> join my coalition. His judgement is terrible. Maybe if I consented
> to sign onto the International Criminal Court? Then they could try
> Bush and Rumsfeld as war criminals. That would be great...... no,
> not time for that yet. Hey, you Carville, what's Gerhards number?
> Germans are logical. He'll understand my nuances for sure.
> (curtain)

Money trail behindKerry's Iran stanceCandidate has financial ties to backers of mullah regime Iran on Sunday rebuffed a proposal by US presidential candidate John Kerry who has suggested supplying the Islamic state with nuclear fuel How John, How? During the first Presidential debate, John Kerry suggested that the United States had incurred ninety per cent of the casualties, and ninety per cent of the cost, of the war in Iraq. Complaining that America had spent "$200 billion in Iraq" that could have been used here at home for health care, infrastructure, and relief for the poor, Kerry accused President Bush of "taking his eye off the central focus of the war on terror, Usama bin Ladin." When Kerry was pressed by moderator Jim Lehrer in the fifth question of the debate, "how would you improve homeland security", Kerry dodged. Instead of giving details of his plan for improving homeland security, he launched into a series of specious attacks against the President. His answer, from the transcripts of the debate, didn't provide a single, solitary detail of his plan. He had, during the first question of the debate, offered only the most vague and indeterminate shadow of a plan for fighting terror.

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September 30, 2004Spread Democracy What to ask Joh n Kerry . by Victor Davis HansonNew York Times

The U.N.? Who Needs It . . . ?It is about time to think the unthinkable: the UN is not beneficial, neutral, but increasingly hostile to Victor Davis HansonWall Street Journal

Gotta LOVE this guy! Right on the money.

Victor Davis Hanson, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, is lecturing during the month of September in the History Department at Hillsdale College (8/20/04—9/25/04) where he is also a teaching fellow of the college. He is offering two classes while in residence at Hillsdale: A History of the Peloponnesian War, which is a military and political account of the 27-year war, and Great Captains: Profiles in Leadership that examines 10 case studies of both successful and failed commanders, in search of characteristics of successful political and military leadership from Themistocles to Churchill.

Interesting Reads:

September 15, 2004
A Short Reflection on Anti-Americanism, the Prejudice
by Joey Tartakovsky
Private Papers

The Perfect Storm of Hating Bush
by Victor Davis Hanson
This series written for Private Papers will appear in four parts.
Part One
The new candor about killing George Bush

Part Two
Why the new hysterical hatred?

Part Three
The wages of postmodernism, or when facts do not exist,we can invent our own reality

Who's Drafting Who?

It's the democrats who want to reinstate the draft, not the Republicans. Several democrat senators and congressmen have asked to reinstate the draft a number of times over the last year, among them, Charles Rangel and Ernest Hollings. But now they're all saying that Bush will reinstate the draft and they're spreading rumors about it.MTV's Rock the Vote has now leapt onto this mock, stupid, false, phony draft story and said, "If young Americans aren't drafted to vote they may very well be drafted to serve in Iraq," according to MTV's Rock the Vote.The senile document-forger Dan Rather is saying that there's a secret move to reinstate the draft after the election, but hey, who pays attention to that wacko? I don't think anyone does.The interesting thing is that both MTV and CBS are property of Viacom. And here's something interesting too: A president cannot order a draft. Congress has to pass legislation authorizing the draft, which the president would then have to sign.