Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jesus said, 'If you are ashamed of ME before men, then I will be ashamed of you before MY FATHER.'
Well, our nation has become ashamed of Him and so, he of us.
Its stands to reason then, that the things that liberals most want, is so hard to find lately: respect from the rest of the world.
Ironic how the thing they promote (the elimination of all things Christian) is the one thing causing their great anguish.

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He ventured forth to bring light to the world.....
A very funny, and astute parody on what's happening with ObamaMan!

Monday, July 21, 2008

(Apparently they won't print it unless he includes a time-table for withdrawel)
Oh yah, that's not biased!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oil prices tumble in biggest weekly drop ever

Just from the lifting of the presidential ban. Imagine if congress did the same!

Academia to high schools: No God allowed-State rejects Christian education as valid for university admissions

What do they care? As long as the students SAT scores are competitive, they shouldn't be so Christophobic. On second thought, we would be doing a disservice to our kids if we put them through the UC system. I bet if the students came from an Islamic school they'd have NO PROBLEM.

Top physics group shows crack in warming 'consensus'

In another strike against the conventional assertion of a consensus on global warming, a publication of an organization representing more than 50,000 physicists acknowledges many members of the scientific community don't believe humans are the primary cause of climate change.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mind you, this is England. But not a far cry from our shores

Boys punished with detention for refusing to pray to Allah'If Muslims were asked to go to church on Sunday and take Holy Communion there would be war'

Hippies Evict Boy Scouts and Attack Forrest Service

National Forest Service, intimidated by annual gathering of hippies, anarchists and "free spirits" who commune with nature and each other., cancel Boy Scouts event in Wyoming to make room for 400 members of Rainbow Family.
Once there, the "peace-loving hippies surround, and attack federal Forest Service.
Mark Rey, the federal undersecretary supervising the U.S. Forest Service, met with Rainbow Family members earlier in Pinedale, and urged them to move their gathering, the Casper Star-Tribune reported. They refused.
"It's a matter of intimidation," Sublette, Wyo., County commissioner Joel Bousman told WND. "It appears the Rainbow group has managed to intimidate an entire federal agency."
Rey told WND he thought the decision to move the Scouts to somewhere else and leave the Rainbow Family alone was the best under the circumstances. He said the government allows the Rainbow Family to bypass its regular permit requirements in favor of an "operating plan" but the bottom line was that the government didn't want to be arresting hundreds or thousands of people.
"[the Boy Scouts] did everything legally, they had their permits. But because of the fact Undersecretary Rey, for whatever reason, took it on himself to do what he has referred to as an experimental process by which he does not require the Rainbow Group to have any permit, the conflict developed," Bousman said.
Next time they should just show up in force with rubber bullets and tear gas. Idiots should have let the Boy Scouts plan proceed.

Somehow, I can't imagine 400 Boy Scouts surrounding 10 law enforcement officers and pelting them with sicks and stones

Thursday, July 03, 2008


The self proclaimed Messiah complete with angelic glow.

Next for the U.S.......

Top UK Judge: Sharia Law Should Be Used in Britain
Remember, we want to be like Europe. So, not to be out done, we'll have to follow suit.

Court nixes Indian casino pact...
Indian givers! These judges have NO RIGHT!

Flat screen TVs blamed for accelerating global warming...
don't forget peanut butter and toothe brushes!

Charlotte temperature hits 123-year low...