Monday, May 23, 2005

Leaving the left
I can no longer abide the simpering voices of self-styled progressives -- people who once championed solidarity

A Rush Interview:

RUSH: Yeah, exactly. How long has this piece of yours been in the works? It sounds like it didn't happen overnight.
THOMPSON: No, it did not happen overnight. And, you know, I've got -- by the way, you'll be interested to hear that I've gotten lots of response. But you know something? I have gotten a significant number of e-mails, over 200 from people in the Bay Area who describe themselves as progressives, as liberals, and even on the left, who said, "You have spoken for me. You've put words to something. Look, I still don't agree with Bush on the following issues, but I cannot abide this any longer myself," and I only gotten a handful of really negative stuff from what I call "the psychiatric wing of the party," the really crazy types. But I tell you, I don't mean to say that I'm a pied piper, I just had my ear to the ground and I'm looking to my own heart and I've been feeling this for some time. One person wrote me and said, "Gee, you know, you felt that about Ronald Reagan back in the eighties about the Soviet Union. How come it took you this long?" and I thought about it. I wrote him back and I said, "Have you ever had one of those experiences where, you know, when you take the garbage out on a Thursday morning -- they're going to pick up the garbage on a Thursday morning -- you set the garbage in a plastic bag on the inside of the door Wednesday night intending to take it out? Well, I forgot to take it out for about ten years," which is to say these thoughts had been ruminating and marinating, and truly it was a pivotal point for me. It all came together when I saw after the Iraq elections the people on Fox News and CNN, on your show and all the other, and mainstream -- you know, NBC, CBS, all of them. The people cheering for the Iraqis were conservative.

RUSH: Yeah.
THOMPSON: The people who were looking for -- spinning marvelous variety of excuses about why democracy is still likely, could very well fail, Nancy Pelosi, Lynn Woolsey, my congresswoman here in California, Ted Kennedy, so-called legitimate mainstream liberals putting forth remarkably well thought out scenarios about how it could fail, and I said, "What is going on?"

RUSH: How they wanted it to fail, Keith.

THOMPSON: Oh, wanted it to fail, absolutely correct.

RUSH: They wanted it to fail.

THOMPSON: They needed it because they need -- the line I felt strongest about was, "They wanted democracy to fail more than they loved freedom," or they wanted George Bush to fail. There's a mania. I mean, you know it well. You deal with it every day. There has not been this mania in the country against a president since Nixon, and I gotta tell you, that includes Bill Clinton. I supported Bill Clinton. He was kind of the last straw for me -- and I know he took a lot of hard-core stuff from the right, but I'll tell you, nothing like Nixon and Bush have received from the left.

RUSH: I got one minute here before I have to take a break. Where do you think the left is headed?

THOMPSON: I think it's a historical defunct dead end. I think, you know [a] scientist said, science precedes "funeral by funeral," and that's a way of saying when people who can't change don't change they die off. It sounds Machiavellian, but I think there's a new generation of young people, they read books like South Park Conservatives. They're not buying it anymore.

RUSH: Well, we'll see. It's clearly a point of view that you've written about that has not yet reached the leadership of the Democratic Party.

THOMPSON: No, I don't mean to say that. They're going to hold on, and there are some good people that call themselves liberals. When I call myself a liberal I mean it in the sense of liberal democracy. If you read Bobby Kennedy's speech in 1966 in South Africa, it reads like something you'd give or Bill Bennett would give.

RUSH: Well, the same thing with Hubert Humphrey talking about "family values" back in the sixties, and that's the thing that amazed me, and it's what your piece is really all about and that is the liberals of today-- Well, let's put it this way: JFK, were he to be alive today thinking as he thought when he was alive, would not have a home in the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Keith, I gotta run but it's great to hear from you. A great piece, and thanks for the call.

Egyptian Christian held in mental hospital
Doctors say he'll stay there until he recants conversion from Islam

Now taking bets as to how long this tactic will take to make it to America.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bill Clinton: Iraq Changes Good for Region

ACU Files Ethics Complaint Against Harry Reid

Advocacy Group Says Minority Leader Guilty of Gross Violation:
Leahy and Levin Also Named

ALEXANDRIA, VA - The American Conservative Union, the nations oldest and largest conservative grassroots organization, yesterday filed an ethics complaint against Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). The complaint comes in response to Sen. Reid's May 12th reference to judicial nominee Henry Saad's confidential FBI file on the floor of the United States Senate.

"Henry Saad would have been filibustered anyway…," said Reid on the floor of the Senate. "All you need to do is have a member go upstairs and look at his confidential report from the FBI, and I think we would all agree that there is a problem there."

The Real Reason the Dem's are so Afraid of Republican Judicial appointees!
Abortion and Religious beliefs. It's all about baby killing and Christaphobia.

Only 53% of Appelate Court Judges have been confirmed (far below the 85-95% average prior to George Bush's administration), leaving vacancies for almost 6 years. Senate rules have changed many times throughout our American history and NEVER has the fillibuster been used in this many with such obstructionist motives towards judicial nominations. Democrats invented the filibuster of judicial nominees in 2003, when the previous congress was in session, in order to defeat many of President Bush’s conservative nominees to the federal circuit courts. The filibuster strategy developed out of the Democrats' concern for the fact that Republicans commanded a majority in the Senate and were in a position to approve all the president's appellate-level judicial nominees. As a result of the new filibuster tactic employed by the Democrats, President Bush has had the lowest confirmation rate for such appointments in the history of the U. S. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that Judicial appointees may be denied a up or down vote. It does say the majority vote wins and not that the minority that gets to make the rules and decisions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, witness the implosion of the liberal Democratic party.

What Revoltin' Bolten Is All About:
Don't Listen to the Left: It's Not About Bolton

by David Limbaugh
Posted May 19, 2005

Sen. Joe Biden, in his laborious monologue to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerning the appointment of John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations last weekl, denied he and other Democrats were on a witchhunt against Bolton. Granted. The fight isn't about Bolton but President Bush. Their primary purpose is not to smear Bolton, though that's a sacrifice they're willing to make; it's to thwart the president's foreign policy, with which they radically disagree. It's to prevent him from exercising his constitutional authority to appoint qualified and respectable individuals to represent him in various departments of government.

Would someone please tell the Democrats they lost the 2004 elections and they'll have another shot in 2006 and again in 2008? I'm doubtful Republican officeholders are going to tell them, much less show them.

Bolton Accuser - Anti Bush Activist Who Committed Plagiarism

The news media and Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have been despicable in their anti-John Bolton smear campaign.

What they've not reported to you is that the highly touted Bolton critic, Melody Townsel - who accused Bolton of 'acting like a madman' and chasing her through the halls of a Russian hotel - was an anti-Bush activist (she founded the Dallas Chapter of "Mothers Opposing Bush") who has been discredited by her superiors and forced to come forward to admit that she committed plagiarism when serving as a journalist.

The Rev. Al Sharpton blasted Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean on Tuesday, saying that under his leadership, African-Americans have been excluded from top Democratic Party positions.

Group admits giving out 'gay' sex book
High schoolers received 'hard-core porn' homosexual 'how-to'

Doesn't Anyone Else See the EVIL in this Practice?
Labor and delivery
ABORTION: A gruesome Florida abortion saga reveals sordid—and possibly illegal—practices in late-term procedures | by Lynn Vincent

"It's a women's clinic . . . My friend is having an abortion and the baby was born alive. . . . They're not allowing her to use the phone there. They're wanting the baby to die! . . . and she's not wanting that to happen."

That was a portion of the 911 call to the Orlando Fire Department on April 2, when a woman named Angele Taylor, 34, claims to have delivered a live baby during a botched abortion at the EPOC Clinic—and that the child died after clinic workers refused to render aid or call for help (see "Rowan's story," WORLD, May 7).

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Stop Hillary