Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More on Illegal Immigration

Millions of people from around the world are here inAmerica illegally. The issue of their status andwhether they can stay or not is not the focus of thispiece, the assumption is that one way or another theyare going to STAY here.

Recently, May of 2006, Mexicos President (VicenteFox) cam to America and was heralded by Mexicans wholive here, referred to as Mexicans Living Abroad.Unlike every other groups of people who has come toAmerica this group, more and more, is demonstratingnot that they want to be Americans but, rather, thatthey are loyal Mexicans living in America for purelyeconomic reasons.

When Fox was in the US, in Utah, his Mexicans LivingAbroad (10% of the Mexican population) greeted hisspeech with cries of Vive Mexico.

For Americans this was no doubt irritating, after allmany are here illegally, demanding rights (even theright to vote), and here they are swearing loyalty toa foreign power. The question is, however, what aboutthe church? What should the church be saying aboutthis?

The situation in Mexico is truly desperate, althoughthe economy is one of the best in Latin America. WhileMexico ranks number two in terms of Gross DomesticProduct on a per capita basis and number one overallfor the total size of their economy, the top 10% ofthe people have untold wealth while over 50% of thepeople are living subsistence lives.

The real problem in Mexico is not the economy itselfbut, rather, the total lack of economic justice. Thesituation would have boiled over into a civil war orsomething like that except that Mexico has an outletthat keeps the disaffected from turning on thegovernment: the truly angry and disaffected can LEAVEMexico and go to America.

This system works fabulously well for the wealthy,corrupt rulers. First, would b dissenters leave,second the immigrants send money home and the richMexicans get to keep over charging and under payingtheir families at home, and the rich Americancompanies are able to pay their workers next tonothing and still charge normal prices for the goodsand services produced.

If we examine the problem of illegal immigration thefirst losers are the common people of Mexico. Thepeople of Mexico have been led to believe that the USis both the problem and the solution regarding theireconomic status: because of the US they are poor andif they leave Mexico they will be rich. Meanwhile,those leaders who CREATED the horrible ills thatplague the people continue to demand and receive theloyalty of those people, as witnessed by Fox beinglauded by the very people his nations policies havedriven from them homes due to poverty into onlyslightly better living conditions and bondage up here.

The problem is not the people. The problem is thegovernment and the business leaders of Mexico: theyare the enemies of the People, not only of Mexico andAmerica but of the People of God who come from allnations.

The US government is not going to stop the flow, thereare too many rich Americans who would like to live offthe work of poor Mexicans like rich Mexicans do. The real fight is not against these illegals, it is ON THERE BEHALF.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

8500 : 8400

8500 : 8400
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With all your heart

With all your heart
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

'Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote'
That's pretty "in your face." Isn't it?
Will they vote the way they did that produced modern Mexico? Frightening.

U.S. immigrant boycott poll said not to effect 97% of those polled (source unknown) ..turns violenet in Santa Ana and Washington state.

Monday, May 01, 2006

One thing I can say for sure about the "walkout" today, traffic was great! it was like days of old when you could cruise leisurely and not be stuck everytime you turn a corner.


Boycott Is A Bust
Tancredo, appearing on Fox News Channel, said the waving of Mexican flags, the chanting of "Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote,” and the in-your-face flaunting of U.S. immigration law will not win many converts outside of large Latino strongholds.

Head of DHS US-VISIT tracking program wants global ID system.