Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If we accept for purposes of argument their claim that the only way the human race can survive is with clean energy that doesn't emit carbon dioxide, environmentalists waited until they had safely destroyed the nuclear power industry to tell us that. This proves they never intended for us to survive.

"What Mr. Gore has asked is that every family calculate their carbon footprint and try to reduce it as much as possible," Gore's office said, according to "Once they have done so, he advocates that they purchase offsets, as the Gores do, to bring their footprint down to zero."

This ransom in the form of carbon credits proves that it was all about the money in the first place.
Once everyone starts buying credits, we're just paying politicians to make up new disasters to terrorize us with.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'? -- $30,000 utility bill...

La Nina's Brewing, Forecasters Warn...

"Environmentalism has largely superseded Christianity as the religion of the upper classes in Europe and to a lesser extent in the United States," Mr Evans says in the publication.
"It is a form of religious belief which fosters a sense of moral superiority in the believer, but which places no importance on telling the truth," he says.
Greenhouse sceptics to congregate in Oz...

News flash: a day later, Christianity remains "un-rocked" at old de-bunked news of Jesus' mortality.

Christians jailed for walking near Olympic hotel
Persecution ramping up as 2008 Games in Beijing approach

Clintons' charity not disclosed – 5 times!
Hillary says failure to report foundation, her position as officer was oversight
--Washington Post

Pelosi OKs Jefferson for intel panel; GOP sees security threat O...M....G!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007


Democrats Back Away From Iraq Plan... This comes after a new poll was released showing the Dems wrong about the average Americans position on the war in Iraq.

Major Weapons Cache in Iraq... using Iranian components (again)

Scorn poured on James Cameron's 'coffin of Christ' theory...Old theory thoroughly dubunked.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Livestock contribution to global warming outweighs that of transportation...
Gore calls for outlawing Beef!!!!

I guess the slaughter of the American Buffalo was a good thing then. It may have slowed global warming by a century!

European Poverty
16 percent of Europeans (or about one in six) remain at risk of poverty and 10 percent live in jobless households," he said of the data which will be formally presented to EU leaders at a summit in Brussels next month


Do You Know?

I didn't know!

How could we?

Did you know that 47 countries' have reestablished their embassies in Iraq?

Did you know that the Iraqi government currently employs 1.2 million Iraqi people?

Did you know that 3100 schools have been renovated,364 schools are under rehabilitation, 263 new schools are now under construction and 38 new schools have been completed in Iraq? Did you know that Iraq's higher educational structure consists of 20 Universities,46 Institutes or colleges and 4 research centers, all currently operating?

Did you know that 25 Iraq students departed for the United States in January 2005 for the re-established Fulbright program?

Did you know that the Iraqi Navy is operational? They have 5 - 100-foot patrol craft, 34 smaller vessels and a naval infantry regiment.

Did you know that Iraq's Air Force consists of three operational squadrons, which includes 9 reconnaissance and 3 US C-130 transport aircraft (under Iraqi operational control) which operate day and night, and will soon add 16 UH-1 helicopters and 4 Bell Jet Rangers?

Did you know that Iraq has a counter-terrorist unit and a Commando Battalion?

Did you know that the Iraqi Police Service has over 55,000 fully trained and equipped police officers? Did you know that there are 5 Police Academies in Iraq that produce over 3500 new officers each 8 weeks?

Did you know there are more than 1100 building projects going on in Iraq? They include 364 schools, 67 public clinics, 15 hospitals, 83 railroad stations, 22 oil facilities, 93 water facilities and 69 electrical facilities.

Did you know that 96% of Iraqi children under the age of 5 have received the first 2 series of polio vaccinations?

Did you know that 4.3 million Iraqi children were enrolled in primary school by mid October?

Did you know that there are 1,192,000 ce ll phone subscribers in Iraq and phone use has gone up 158%?

Did you know that Iraq has an independent media that consists of 75 radio stations,180 newspapers and 10 television stations?

Did you know that the Baghdad Stock Exchange opened in June of 2004?

Did you know that 2 candidates in the Iraqi presidential election had a televised debate recently?




Instead of reflecting our love for our country, we get photos of flag burning incidents at Abu Ghraib and people throwing snowballs at the presidential motorcades.

Tragically, the lack of accentuating the positive in Iraq serves two purposes: It is intended to undermine the world's perception of the United States thus minimizing consequent support, and it is intended to discourage American citizens.

---- Above facts are verifiable on the Department of Defense web site.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

Dem's want to decide how the military spends its money on the war in hope that it can strangle them out of Iraq while looking like they actually support the troops. Unconstitutional, insane, insensitive, deceptive, foolish: are all words that come to mind. Can anyone learn from history? Wars run by politicians fail. Viet Nam anyone?

I knew this was exactly what the Dem's would do from the moment I found out we were going back into Iraq. Try to look like they supported the efforts, then undermine the efforts so they could complain during the elections, then back out once they regained power. Simple three step plan devised, no doubt, by Kennedy.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kill 3000 Americans, and you too can have a public school opened that caters to the religion of your choice: NYC 'Open Arabic Public School'...

Study: Glacier melting can be variable...


Thursday, February 08, 2007

At San Francisco State University, you can do anything you want to a US flag or a Christian religious symbol: burn it, deface it, submerge it in bodily fluids. It's all good.
But step on paper copies of Hamas and Hizballah flags, and you're in a world of hurt

http://www.sfgate. com/cgi-bin/ article.cgi? f=/c/a/2007/ 02/08/EDGRJN76O6 1.DTL

Nancy Pelosi's eyes are blinking rapidly: al Qaeda? what al Qaeda?

This news from Iraq, via the Jawa Report, should be top story. But since Anna Nicole Smith died, it won't get the coverage it deserves:

Coalition forces in Iraq have delivered a series of stunning blows to al Qaeda in Iraq in the last 48 hours.

A key aide to Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the man who replaced Abu Musab al Zarqawi as the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, has been captured south of Baghdad. As A.J. Strata notes, the trail to the al Qaeda leader is fresh: the captured aide admitted to meeting with al Masri yesterday.

Since Taji is north of Baghdad, these two al Qaeda IED cell leaders captured by the U.S. in West Taji are not the same as those above. That's four al Qaeda leaders captured.

But four is such a lonely number. A facilitator of foreign fighters was captured by the Iarqi Army on the Syrian border. And foreign fighters tend to mean al Qaeda.

Not to be outdone by the IA, the U.S. struck two houses where foreign fighters had gathered---13 jihadis dead. An "individual" associated with foreign fighter facilitation was in the targeted area.

But wait, that's not all. Coalition Forces conducted an air strike Wednesday targeting an al-Qaida in Iraq-related vehicle-borne improvised explosives devices network near Arab Jabour. Intelligence reports indicated that this network is responsible for a large and devastating number of VBIED attacks in the Baghdad area. They are also responsible for IED and sniper attacks conducted against the Iraqi people and Iraqi and Coalition Forces. Building destroyed, everyone inside presumably dead.

And another terrorist was captured in Taji. In addition to leading a bombing cell, he is also believed to be involved in taking Iraqis hostage and murdering them. Which would mean that he is either al Qaeda or one of the related organizations under the umbrella of the "Islamic State of Iraq".

So, we have 6 al Qaeda leaders captured, and possibly dozens more killed. All in the last 48 hours.

The Party of Peace
February 8th, 2007 2:13 am

So Democrats will let anyone in the “big tent”…

THE Democratic National Committee made a strange choice to deliver the invocation last Friday at its winter meeting: Husham al-Husainy - an extremist who has a long record of support for prominent Islamists at war with America and Israel.

Al-Husainy’s words before the Democrats - asking God to “help us stop . . . occupation and oppression” - were jarring enough, since he was likely referring to either American soldiers in Iraq or Jews in Israel.

But his past statements and activity make those words even more ominous.....

....Once, being a fan of America’s enemies would disqualify someone from a prominent role at Democratic Party events. But the Dems’ opposition to President Bush seems to have changed that. Apparently, they want America to lose at all cost.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Lowering Standards for the Sake of Political Correctness: Like a scene from Fatal Attraction: Space shuttle astronaut arrested on attempted kidnapping, battery charges...

Al Gore's Nobel Nomination Is No Joke. If he wins, he will be in the company of other laughable recipients:
These recipients include failed Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev (1990); Palestinian terrorist Yasir Arafat (1994); U.N. Secretary-General in charge of corruption Kofi Annan (2001) and the most incompetent American president of the 20th century, Jimmy Carter (2002).

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The family and I saw the largest cruise ship in the world arrive under the Golden Gate bridge today (in lieu of watching the Super Bowl). What a spectacular sight.

Iceland Bucks Global Warming Trend - Increasing Ice...

Space station moves to avoid Chinese debris (trash)...

Harsh Cold Expected to Linger in Midwest...


Slippery slope: started with abortion, now this: Swiss May Expand Assisted Suicide Law; Cover Serious Mental Illnesses... (hint: proponents always deny there's a slippery slope). Next place to look: Vermont and child molesters. Their gleeful dismissal of these heinous criminals is a result of sexual permissiveness in our nation. Will equal rights for them be next? Never happen? That's what they said about just about every other perversion thats been normalized lately. They were wrong about that. They're wrong about this too. Don't kill mentally ill people simply for their illness. That's just down right slippery!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

2006 cases that are likely to overshadow coming events in 2007:

1) Scheidler v. National Organization of Women, Inc. (February 21) – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that anti-abortion protesters are not liable under federal racketeering statutes.

A resounding defeat for NOW and its allies in their decades-long effort to paint the Right to Life movement as a mafia-like organization.

2) Rumsfeld v. Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights (March 7) – The Supreme Court ruled that institutions which accept government funding (including state universities) cannot compel private organizations – including student religious groups – to accept as members those who disagree with the group’s viewpoint.

In other words, state schools cannot use their own non-discrimination policies to undermine students’ Constitutional freedom of assembly, or to limit select groups’ access to university facilities.

3) Hernandez v. Robles (July 6) – The New York Court of Appeals struck down an effort to judicially redefine marriage in the state, saying the issue should be left to the legislature.

This decision – one of nine similar decisions issued in a three-month period last summer – dealt a stunning blow to those pushing for government-endorsed same-sex “marriage.”

The court affirmed that the only legal basis for government involvement in marriage is to provide the best possible environment for rearing children (future citizens), and endorsed the view that this “ideal environment” is most dependably found in a stable, loving, two-gender marriage.

4) Citizens for Equal Protection v. Bruning (July 14) – In Nebraska, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit reversed a district court decision that had declared unconstitutional a state amendment preserving marriage.

The court affirmed the legal interpretations of the New York decision, and found no reason to fabricate a federal right to same-sex “marriage.”

5) Andersen v. King County (July 26) – The Washington Supreme Court declared the state’s law defining marriage as “the union of one man and one woman” constitutional, reversing two lower court decisions.

The ruling, issued in the face of withering political pressure from those promoting the homosexual political agenda, over-rode the decisions of two activist judges who had tried to thwart the express will of Washington voters.

6) Sklar v. Clough (August 15) – A federal judge ordered Georgia Tech to repeal its extraordinarily restrictive speech code – and forbade the university to change its new student speech policy for the next five years without court approval.

A major breakthrough for free speech on America’s college campuses, where Christian and even conservative perspectives are often officially stifled in favor of an aggressive leftist agenda.

7) Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood (November 8) – A federal appeals court upheld federal protection for pro-life medical professionals who refuse to perform or refer for abortions.

In effect, the ruling scuttled the abortion activists’ contention that a doctor’s First Amendment rights are subordinate to a woman’s right to abortion.

8) Turton v. Frenchtown (December 11) – A federal court ruled in favor of an elementary student who’d been told by school administrators that she couldn’t sing a religious song for the school talent show. The court determined that excluding speech on the premise that it might be divisive or controversial constituted unlawful viewpoint discrimination.

In addition to these laudable decisions, several other rulings from last year bode more ominously for those who cherish civil liberties and, particularly, religious freedom:

1) Gonzales v. Oregon (January 17) – The Supreme Court affirmed a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, denying the U.S. Attorney General’s right to use the Controlled Substances Act to obstruct physician-assisted suicides, which had been legalized by Oregon voters in 1994.

The Supreme Court has twice ruled that there is no Constitutional right to suicide – and would likely welcome a better challenge to the Oregon law. This case wasn’t it.

2) Harper v. Poway Unified School District (April 20) – The 9th Circuit upheld a San Diego high school’s decision to prohibit a student from expressing his views regarding homosexual behavior on a T-shirt.

With this decision (now awaiting review by the Supreme Court), the 9th Circuit – a case study in unbridled judicial activism – ramped up its assault on the First Amendment.

3) Britain v. Carvin (May 15)– The U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear a case challenging a Washington State Supreme Court ruling that granted a third party the right to sue for parental rights – despite the objections of the child’s own biological mother and father.

The high court’s decision opened a deluge of so-called “psychological parenting” cases, in effect promoting same-sex “marriages” and – more incredibly – undercutting the traditional natural and legal authority of birth parents

4) Faith Center Evangelical Ministries v. Glover (September 20) – Another 9th Circuit debacle, with the Court ruling that a public library was within its prerogatives to ban a religious group from meeting in a room designated for public use.

A slap in the face to equal access, and a deliberate effort to gag freedom of religious expression and assembly.

I've finally discovered what they call "linkage" between the war in Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But, instead of seeing any connection between what goes on inside Iraq and that fraudulent "peace process" -- by which the one party wanting "peace" (Israel) is gradually destroyed by the other party using "process" (the Palestinians) -- I see linkage in the overall American approach to the two war zones. Our strategy is identical. In both cases, it is based on a complete and willful suspension of disbelief. It ignores all evidence to ward off reality.

Take a recent report from Fox News explaining why the Bush administration this week postponed the release of a dossier linking Iran to murder and mayhem in Iraq.

"U.S. military officials say the decision to go public with the findings has been put on hold for several reasons, including concerns over the reaction from Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- as well as inevitable follow-up questions that would be raised over what the U.S. should do about it."

There's so much wrong with this picture it's hard to know where to start. Surely it is Ahmadinejad who should be concerned about the reaction from the world's sole superpower to findings of Iranian complicity in American combat deaths, and not vice versa. Incredibly, the administration doesn't appear to think so.